Anyone can cook food. Anyone can eat food.

Not everyone understands the chemical composition of food…

…The way it breaks down in your body to nourish each cell, the way foods can harm or heal your body even though it may be deemed “healthy”, or understand the process of digestion that helps convert solid, nutrient-rich foods into energy.

I understand the mind-gut-body connection and how our fecal matter can disrupt the natural flow of energy within our bodies, resulting in many symptoms of digestive conditions and inflammation: foggy brain, gas, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux.

I’m Culinary Nutritionist/ Gut Educator, Keisha Luke.

It took me 7+ years to figure out how to assist myself nutritionally & digestively, when doctors didn’t even know how.

Growing up premature with an underdeveloped/ weakened immune system, in & out of hospitals until my teenage years.

I was sick to my stomach, face looking like rocky road with acne and redness, endured lack of sleep and was always tired and fatigued.

This was the catalyst to my healing journey.

Today, I understand the power of foods (whole food nutrition) and how to nutritionally feed the body with the right foods to sustain energy levels, maintain a healthy weight management, stabilize blood sugar levels, while combating cravings.

My Credentials:

Honours Bachelor of Arts, The University of Toronto, 2009

Holistic Practitioner with a certificate in Complementary Care, Centennial College, 2010

Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Culinary Nutritionist

Massage Therapy Diploma, Wellsprings Massage School

Honours Culinary Nutrition Expert certificate,  Academy of Culinary Nutrition, 2014