30-Day Reconnect

Reconnect Food, Mind & Spirit

Want to take the reins of your health back into your own hands, but need nutritional/digestive guidance, motivation?

Let’s get you back on track starting with a 30 Day (DIY) nutritional plan to get you feeling lighter and more energized; bring back stamina and endurance within your body, while decreasing symptoms of inflammation: gas, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation that causes the “beer belly/ 3rd wheel.”

If You Are…

  • Seeking 1-on-1 nutritional guidance and accountability
  • Seeking a nutritional plan, a how-to-guide of what to eat, how to eat nutritious foods to raise your vibration & that work for your body
  • Ready & willing to take your understanding of health to the next level
  • Desiring to gain knowledge & understanding about the process of digestion, in relation to the foods you eat
  • Looking to stabilize blood sugar levels, cholesterol & blood pressure
  • tired of feeling sluggish
  • Seeking nutritional guidance to bring balance back to your body at the cellular level
  • Wanting to learn how to increase your plant based foods, without compromising on taste
  • Looking to increase & maintain your energy, stamina & power
  • Wanting to FEEL better about yourself from the inside out
  • Looking to decrease symptoms of inflammation: gas, bloating, foggy brain, indigestion, acid reflux
  • Desiring to reduce the beer belly, 3rd tired that is adding to the extra weight gain
  • Looking to maintain a healthy weight management and overall lifestyle

I’m Culinary Nutritionist & Gut Educator, Keisha Luke

I teach the power of whole food nutrition and help people nutritionally feed their bodies with the right foods to sustain energy levels, maintain a healthy weight management, stabilize blood sugar levels, while combating cravings.