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Making the right food choices can be convenient and easy. You no longer have to choose between nutritious or delicious. Let me assist you with increasing your energy, stamina and strength through whole food nutrition.

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We’re no longer eating foods that nourish our bodies with the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a daily basis.

Consequently our digestive systems are weak and that leaves us with a lack of energy and vitality to get through our busy lives.

Whole food nutrition promotes a healthy gut, brings health and power back into the body, and allows us to stay sharp every day.

As a culinary nutritionist and gut educator, I will assist you to bring balance back to your digestive system in order to bring clarity to your mind.

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"I'm Feeling Charged!"

“I did Keisha’s 3 day juice cleanse. Not only did she prepare me before and after the cleanse, but she also encouraged and supported me along the way. Today I am feeling good. I’m Feeling charged. And feeling like I’m really going to be back to 100% soon. Thanks Keish!”


"Thank you Keisha for all that you do!"

 “Keisha’s love to assist others, transcends beyond just her food and meal delivery service. It is her passion to nutritionally educate (young men & women/athletes) to maintain their health, while being fit. Thank you Keisha for all that you do!”


"Keisha is a dream to work with"

“Keisha is a dream to work with. It really feels like you have a listening ear and a super supportive expert in your corner. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about the food she makes and the effect she knows it has on the people she works with.

In my case, I needed a lot of energy food as I work out and am vegan and she caters for that perfectly. Keisha cares and has put so much thought, love and energy into what she does, and knows the science behind it. It feels great supporting a local Toronto small business that is run by such a positive, supportive and strong woman who is a leader in her field and clearly helps and inspires others.”


"Keeps me healthy and energized!"

“I look forward to drinking my greens juice every week. It fuels my body with the nutrients it needs, in order to keep me healthy and energized. 

Thanks Keish!”


"Timing was awesome!"

“Feeling energized with Keisha Luke’s juices. Timing was awesome. Thank You for all that you do. Blessed Love.”


“I did the 3- day juice cleanse and lost 4 pounds. I am now working on maintaining healthier eating habits.

Thanks for your support Keisha!”


“I am still going through this metamorphosis, but it’s not on that physical level, it’s more of a healing/cleansing. I have gained more of an appreciation of myself, loving nutritious foods.

I have learned how to manage, and balance the foods I love! And the best part is keeping off the weight, gaining strength and vitality and an overall “Happiness” in my new life! Thank you for opening my eyes and my mind from negative thoughts, and allowing my soul and “Gut” to heal!


“I subscribed to Keisha Luke’s 21 Day program and was very pleased.

Keisha offered me a level of support that helped me to attain my nutritional and health and wellness goal(s).

Our regular weekly check-in sessions provided a level of accountability that just took this program over the top along with her nutritional advice, recipes, grocery lists and cooking instructions for all meals on a weekly basis. This eliminated all guess work, thereby saving me so much precious time.

I would definately recommend Keisha to anyone looking for unprecedented level of support in making a change to their life.


“I did the 3-day juice cleanse and felt great. The juices were delicious, packed with healthy ingredients and nutrients to get me through the day. The cleanse provided a lot of time for introspection, reflection and self-awareness. Finishing the cleanse, I learned a lot about what my body actually needs to function throughout the day. It made me a lot more mindful of the food that I eat throughout the day, along with the many associated emotions and/or feelings that I may experience when consuming certain foods. The Vegan meals via the Transition Program were also amazing.

Since the cleanse I have been making an active effort to pay more attention to the food that I consume, opting to make healthier choices and balancing my diet.


“I lost 5 lbs and it’s been easier to stay on track “diet” wise since my stomach is smaller and I’m not having any cravings. I think I’ll be able to lose the baby weight for good this time. Thanks so much for your help.” 


“I had the last of my lunches yesterday and just wanted to pay you compliments! Delish. The channa masala was my favourite – everyone wanted to know what deliciousness I was eating from the smell 🙂

Have a great day!


“I did Keisha’s Juice cleanse + Transition Program, as I wanted to reset my sugar and carb cravings. I was very surprised that I wasn’t hungry at all during this period and the juices tasted good.

Keisha provided excellent service throughout the cleanse – from scheduled delivery times to friendly check-ins. The Vegan meals that I received after the cleanse were amazing! I am not a vegetarian nor vegan, and I was amazed at the taste of the meals I received. I didn’t even think I was eating a vegan meal; Not to mention, the amount of time I saved not being in the kitchen, as I didn’t have to cook for over a week.

I highly recommend you try one of her services and/or programs. Keisha will take care of you.


“Having various food sensitivities and intolerances, makes it difficult for me to eat out. On top of that, I barely have time to prepare and cook my own meals, because I am always on-the-go.

Keisha Luke Nutrition & Catering has made it feasible for me to eat wholesome meals, without having to worry about the ingredients being used.
My meals are customized and taste excellent.
Thank you Keisha!


“Thank you Keisha Luke Nutrition & Catering for providing me with some delicious and nutritious meals, while I was moving into my new place.

I was so busy and did not have time to cook–your meal service could not have come at a better time. It was not only convenient, but it helped me maintain my healthy eating habits. The meals were very good.


“These nutrient-rich juices tasted absolutely AMAZING!

Nothing like I’ve ever tasted before.