Whole Food Nutrition On The Go

Making the right food choices can be convenient and easy. You no longer have to choose between nutritious or delicious. Let me assist you with increasing your energy, stamina and strength through whole food nutrition.

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Let’s get you started on this plant based journey with a 7-Day FREE mini course.

We’re no longer eating foods that nourish our bodies with the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a daily basis.

Consequently our digestive systems are weak and that leaves us with a lack of energy and vitality to get through our busy lives.

Whole food nutrition promotes a healthy gut, brings health and power back into the body, and allows us to stay sharp every day.

As a culinary nutritionist and gut educator, I will assist you to bring balance back to your digestive system in order to bring clarity to your mind.

I’m Here To Nutritionally Assist You…

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One to one nutritional guidance to help maintain a healthy digestive system, increase your energy levels and more…

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Nutrient- rich
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Looking to eliminate
foggy-brain, fatigue and that sluggish feeling in the workplace?

"I'm Feeling Charged!"

“I did Keisha’s 3 day juice cleanse. Not only did she prepare me before and after the cleanse, but she also encouraged and supported me along the way. Today I am feeling good. I’m Feeling charged. And feeling like I’m really going to be back to 100% soonThanks Keish!”


"Thank you Keisha for all that you do!"

 “Keisha’s love to assist others, transcends beyond just her food and meal delivery service. It is her passion to nutritionally educate (young men & women/athletes) to maintain their health, while being fit. Thank you Keisha for all that you do!”


"Keisha is a dream to work with"

“Keisha is a dream to work with. It really feels like you have a listening ear and a super supportive expert in your corner. She is so enthusiastic and passionate about the food she makes and the effect she knows it has on the people she works with.

In my case, I needed a lot of energy food as I work out and am vegan and she caters for that perfectly. Keisha cares and has put so much thought, love and energy into what she does, and knows the science behind it. It feels great supporting a local Toronto small business that is run by such a positive, supportive and strong woman who is a leader in her field and clearly helps and inspires others.”