Cooking Classes
and Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops and classes in both private and corporate settings that teach you how food can create health in the body, and how you can make this kind of food for yourself!

Whether it’s group cooking classes or corporate team building…

…for the beginner in the kitchen, the intermediate cook, or the culinary guru; the kitchen is a place where we bring people of various ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds together.

It’s a place to reconnect with our bodies, mind & soul to nourish each cell with high vibrational, energizing foods.

It’s a place where the energetic frequency of various foods are used as a tool, in order to create love (delicious masterpieces) that assist to promote a healthy digestive system, while on-the-go.

Let’s Get Cooking!!!

Available Workshops:

  • Mindful Eating.
  • Eating For Energy.
  • Raw Food Power.
  • Plant Based Foods.
  • Gut Healing.
  • Food + Sensuality/ Love.
  • Reconnect: Food + Senses